Lil Treasures Thread #2: Accessing Our Emotions

Hi Lil Swipes! 👋

I hope everyone has had a great week. It’s personally been a doozie for me, but as is par for the course, the good outshines the bad, so we press on. We’re about to have the Big Meal™, which comes with a Fall Break for my kids, and a break is much needed.

Thanks so much for such a lovely welcome for Lil Treasures last Friday. The impeachment hearings are genuinely making me crazy, and I am on the lookout for anything to mitigate my constant sense of frustration and doom. It was so fun to see all your suggestions and treats and well as just a nice mental break.

Here are my Lil Treasures for the week:

🎟 I have my ticket to see A Beautiful Day… tonight with my girls and our friends, looking forward to accessing my emotions, really letting it all out, and sending my kids to therapy based on my overreaction due to all the feels I’ve just stuffed down lately!

👑 I’m 4/5 of the way through season 3 of The Crown. I know some people are bummed about the cast swap out, but I truly love it. The Crown in any iteration is like a weighted blanket to me: all comfort, no matter what. The royal family is not having good PR right now, but the show is (very tough mome seeing little Prince Andrew gawking at the moon landing and then watching his interview…YIKES). Give Helena Bonham Carter more to do! We got Bellatrix Lestrange out here trying to chomp on this scenery! My favorite game is eating a cookie every time a Harry Potter or Game of Thrones actor pops up in The Crown. Charles Dance! You are perfect. I would watch you make machinations all day, in any universe.

📜 I’ll literally never stop needing more Hamilton/LMM content, so I adored this little high-five to what will be remembered in history as one of the defining pieces of art of this century.

⚔️Hyped to watch The Knight Before Christmas this weekend.

📝 I can’t believe no one is talking about how Mary Steenburgen woke up after surgery with the ability to write hit songs?!

💆🏻‍♀️I have a gigantic zit on my forehead caused by Devin Nunes and the alternator on our van needing to be replaced. My favorite fix for these is the Mighty Patch, and I pretty much just keep them on hand for impeachment-related acne or car repairs stress breakouts. I’ve also pulled out my trusty Aztec Secret Indian Clay Mask for SUCH A TIME AS THIS.

✌️ This week we hit a big-time disciplinary snag with one of our kids, but thankfully, I read this post from Kristen Howerton last week, so I was prepared. I’ve already created two courses for my kid to finish (like I said, this week has been a doozie), but I like this kind of thoughtful discipline as opposed to random grounding.

🎙 This weekend, I have agreed to be the running buddy for my eldest child during an end-of-the-semester 5K for her after school group, Girls on the Run. It’s going to be fine, I know it’s just a 5K, and we’ve been training together, but I’m very slow (what I lack in speed, I make up for in stamina). SO if you have a suggestion for a good binge-able podcast series that might push me through the finish line, I’m all ears. Recent ones I’m into are: Dolly Parton’s America, Catlick, and Noble Blood. I’m saving Finding Fred for our Thanksgiving drive!

🕯We will turn around next week and it’ll be Advent (starts on Dec. 1st). Even if you’re not a liturgical-type person, you can still celebrate Advent: it’s like anti-yuck-Christmas. My friend Tsh Oxenreider has a great guide available here for zero American dollars.

Okay! Your turn! Empty those pockets and dig through those backpacks and share what you loved this week with the group! I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Lil Treasures will take a week off for Thanksgiving, but I’ll be back in December. 🧡

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