What is The Swipe Up?

The Swipe Up was born from the annoyance in not being able to share links easily on Instagram. It has since transformed to the internet equivalent to finding a bonus fry in your Chick-fil-a bag, realizing you have a few bucks left on an old Starbucks card, or canceled plans that result in pajama pants and ice cream on your couch. It has been hyperbolically called the best newsletter on the internet, usually by my mom. If you are a reader of The Swipe Up, you are automatically a Lil Swipe. That’s just how this works.

It’s written by Erin Moon, who is writing this bio, but also wants to be a professional, so she’ll do it in the third person and you’ll pretend to think someone else wrote it for her. Erin has been referred to as spiritual seven-layer dip. She’s not sure it was meant as a compliment, but she’s taking it as one. She spins many plates and thinks a lot about which ones she should drop so her kids don’t have to go to TOO much therapy. They will definitely have to go to therapy.

Erin is the Resident Bible Scholar on The Bible Binge podcast, all of which you can find if you subscribe to The Bible Binge feed. She also creates digital resources to help you walk through life with Jesus, if that’s something that interests you. Erin is mainly on Instagram, where she has a following mainly because she once peed on $300 worth of Spanx in a department store.

What’s…like…going on here?

Every week, Erin sends out an email called Lil Treasures, and then collectively, everyone in the comments shares their lil treasures for the week, thus creating a weekly repository of good things, both on the internet and in real life. Some commentators have been around a long time, and some are new. Some people lurk and that’s okay too. But Lil Treasures is where we share all our favorites and happies, so we don’t drown in the dark abyss of the world’s climate (both metaphorical and literal). We also share turds, because we don’t photoshop grief here.

There’s also a paid portion called The Swipe Up+ that includes some really fun stuff like:

  1. Guides in community: Together we will walk through several studies throughout the year, starting with dis/entangle, which is the “weird project” so many of you helped me formulate and work through a few months ago. We will also do guided Advent, Lent, and maybe one more depending on how we feel. We will do these guides and studies in private community with one another, and you can pop in and pop out as you see fit in your own life. We will begin this round of dis/entangle on October 11th!

  1. Bonus mini-guides: On our non-study/guide weeks, I’ll be offering shorter, weekly scripture guides around topics or passages suggested by you, as the Spirit leads (kind of joking, kind of not).

  2. Office Hours: I’m really jazzed about this. I get THE BEST emails and DMs asking about some of my favorite things to talk about: church, scripture, kids, conundrums, why I should go back to being Baptist, how I became affirming, and so much more. Listen to me when I say I adore these deep questions, and if I could I would clone the heck out of myself to be able to answer all of them in a timely and thoughtful fashion. But alas. Cloning is okay for sheep but not for me THANKS SCIENCE. Enter Office Hours, 100% stolen from the brilliant Design Mom, and a chance for us to have that good conversation over a Google Hangout together. The basic premise is that I’ll make my calendar available every month, and you can sign up for a slot to chat with me. That way, we can really connect (totally private and one-on-one, but not in a shady way) and hang out as opposed to your email sitting in my inbox, pulling down my stress visor because you have taken the time to compose a lovely and nuanced question and I don’t have the bandwidth to answer it well, so I just let it languish. And then 9 months later, I email you and you’re like, darling, we already figured it out, but thanks. This will hopefully prevent that entire distressing scenario.

  3. Prima Nocta: Bad name, but basically you would get firsties on everything (Lil Swipe Camp when it happens - and it’s happening, discounts on shop merch that maybe I’ll get around to making, ETC).

  4. Lil Swipes Lending Library: Saddling up to the membership option means you also get access to the lending library, where we can share our books with each other once we’ve finished them and want to pass on the love.

What do we care about?

We are a community of kind and curious people. We have radical empathy, we love a good mock/cocktail, and we make room for compassionate hospitality for God’s creatures. This newsletter is a little like stumbling into a private garden party where everyone is two drinks in and some people are already in the pool, singing an Ariana Grande song, but in a dumb way, like an opera singer, for the lols. Some people are huddled around the fire, discussing theology like a smidge too loudly. OMG Fred Rogers just walked in and he is also just a little tipsy and now he’s playing the (outdoor?) piano and we’re all singing “Say It Ain’t So” at the top of our lungs and none of our neighbors are mad. In fact, they open their shutters and sing it with us.

Do I have to pay?

Lil Treasures is always free, but The Swipe Up+ is just $6/American Dollhairs a month, or $5/month when you purchase a year at a time.


This is my circus.