📣 Lil Treasures Thread #10: The Hamilton Spreadsheet & Some Big Hugh Jackman Energy

👋 Hello Lil Swipes & welcome to the Friday Lil Treasures Thread! We have some new faces, and I wanted to briefly say hello and give a short explanation as to what you’ll find here in this corner of the interwebs.

My main newsletter is The Swipe Up. It comes out roughly once a month and includes an essay, an audio version, and lots of good stuff. Every Friday, however, we harness the collective power of The Lil Swipes and together create the Lil Treasures Thread. We empty our virtual pockets and share what we’ve carried around. I give a few of my favorite things from the week, and then everyone joins in the comments section. I’m actually pretty proud of this thread: the world is generally a dumpster fire, but if you pay attention, there are so many beautiful, hilarious things. I’m proud to be associated with the treasure hunters.

So without further ado, here are my faves from this week:

🤘 I’m hoping to bring this Hugh Jackman-meets-a-Wolverine-fan energy into all of my interactions from now on. This is so pure it made me cry, so that’s your indication of how my week’s been.

🤓 I thought this was a wise and healthy reframing:

🧠 I cannot find whoever originally shared this with me in DMs (please raise your hand if it was you), but I am fascinated by this article on how some people have internal monologues and…some do not? Which are you? I definitely have full-blown conversations with myself, but mostly they are narrations of how I’ve dropped something like the entire box of sunflower seeds at a church party this week.

🤸🏾‍♂️ Continuing our love of seeing people love Jerry from Cheer (I hope he’s taking care of himself and surrounding himself with good, kind people who will not take advantage of him we must protect Jerry!), here’s a supercut of all the celebrities who lost their ding dang minds meeting him on the Oscars red carpet:

😫 Honestly I feel so seen:

❤️ Y’all I’m too much of a baby to watch Parasite, but hot dang if this isn’t the most delightful thing:

🇺🇸 And finally, back in 2017 when I became a one-woman traveling Hamilton production by singing all the parts in my car, I was so obsessed with all things Ham and LMM, I created this spreadsheet. It chronicled all my favorite articles, videos, tweets, and snippets of the Hamilton experience. It has TABS, we go deep, don’t miss it. When Jen Hatmaker posted yesterday about her new obsession, several people asked if they could get their mitts on it. And yes, the answer is absolutely yes. It’s like a special edition Lil Treasures Thread, but only for Hamilton stans. It’s my best work - enjoy!

Looking forward to your own little treasures this week. As a reminder, Every Broken Thing is 20% off for Lil Swipes with code SWIPEUP.

How Bong Joon-Ho looks at his Oscar is how I look at you.