🥁 Lil Treasures Thread #18: In the Air Tonight

Time means nothing anymore, but we made it to this currently meaningless day. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m running emotional gamuts that normally took me days or weeks to ride, only now within the span of hours. The fatigue is real. I go back and forth between intense productivity and just…staring or laying on the ground.

👩‍🏫 Our online school starts next week, and I’m so grateful for all the ways the school district is working to adapt right now. Good job, teachers and administrators and staff. Y’all are amazing. This is just a teacher appreciation paragraph.

I barely had the energy to look at the internet this week, but when I did, dodging COVID-19 updates, of course, they are still offering up the gems:

📺 This great and perfect Vulture article about how some of our beloved TV friends would handle quarantine, based on responses from their creators.

🏈 As a bonus, the Coach Taylor speech Jason Katims would write if he did a coronavirus episode. I am unwell.

🛍 On my journey to slowly convert my entire wardrobe to loungewear, I purchased this set (here’s the top and here are the bottoms) from one of my favorite small businesses, The Bluest Willow. It is COME-FEE and roomy and just the best.

👒 Little Way Chapel created an extremely affordable and simple Holy Week guide for families with kids 12 and under. It’s a great resource for celebrating Holy Week at home, if you’re unfamiliar with celebrating Holy Week to begin with.

⭐️ I caved and joined TikTok, but SOLELY because one of you beautiful people (whose name is lost to the pit of my DMs, my apologies) told me about a guy who lipsyncs High School Musical songs as Kylo Ren, and that is very much my vibe. I still prefer getting my TikToks from Twitter, a kind of “the cream rises to the top” and this Tweet of a Tok very much was the ticket for me:

🪐 The speed with which this gentleman fell sent me into outer space.

🍳 I made the perfect medium-boiled eggs this week. Normally, when I’m in a hurry, I use my Dash egg cooker that I got from the Amazons on Black Friday. I really try not to buy one-use gadgets but I do love this little steamy dome. But when I want to really infuriate myself, I go old school with the Bon Appetit method of jammy eggs and I finally got it. The Lord knew I needed a win.

🤖 If you need more to do as you stay home, may I suggest using Resistbot or 5 Calls to contact your lawmakers about getting your neighborhood medical professional enough PPE? As long as we put pressure on them, we’re doing what we can do!

I hope you got a win this week. And just as a reminder, the We Got You Club is still in effect. If you can, take a browse and throw some coin or ideas these folks way. Love you guys and can’t wait to read your treasures for the week! ❤️