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Happy Pride Month! Grateful for your series. If my fellow Swipes need more affirming theology resources, I've compiled a bunch here: https://invisiblecakesociety.com/2021/06/05/queer-theology-and-the-bible/ And the rest of the site has a bunch of other queerish Christianish stuff as well like how to raise affirming kids, resources for how to find an affirming church, poetry where my Four wing stores its #emotions, and podcasts where I overeagerly explain queer Christian things in audio format at 1.5x speed of a normal human.

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I work my old lady butt off out in the yard and garden most weekends, followed by a warm heating pad and a cold seltzer combo platter. This week I finished planting the last of my winter sowing seedlings, and am excited to see my new pollinator friendly plants coming up. Hoping for lots of visits this summer from hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees. Hope your summer is off to a restful and fun-filled start.

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Hi Lil Swipes! Summer is in full swing here, with pool time and a basketball camp already attended by my son.

I played my first doubles USTA tennis match last night and we won both sets, 6-2, 6-4.

Our house is in a residential neighborhood but sits on a small lake and we had a mama and baby deer in our backyard the other day and now there are baby goslings swimming around. 😍

My unpaid job as a student ministry coordinator is over. They hired the person who was interning for a few months. My husband and I have both stepped out of volunteering at all with the youth. I feel a little relief, but also just sadness. I really thought when someone got hired that I would be helping that person maybe administratively or something, just not in charge and coordinating. However, my pastor got the idea that I was ready to be finished and someone else (who is great and has a lot of passion and good ideas) was asked to come alongside him. I guess it would have been nice to be asked to do something. I was told if there was something I wanted to continue doing (like sending out the email newsletter), I could but at this point, it felt like I should give all my responsibilities over to Drew. I want him to succeed, but am skeptical that our students will be excited about him. Only time will tell I suppose. Anyway, it just feels weird to have been part of a staff for 5 years, even unpaid, working in different areas and now it’s just over. They want to recognize me in Sunday at our community lunch and I’m feeling weird about that too. I’m not sure why. Partly because they haven’t even checked in to see how I’m doing and if I can still make it. I had one staff member reach out to me today and just say “I wanted you to know I miss you” and I immediately burst into tears. So clearly I’m doing fine. 😆

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Hi! I want to do the trial, but I must be missing something. I can’t see where that option is! Help a poor elder millenial out!

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Happy Friday! This has been a fun but long week. I feel like short work weeks are never the joy you think they'll be- we're still cramming in five days worth of work!

✈I had a lovely visit to NC! The wedding was chill, very simple, very nice, and not at all secretive or weird. I'm hoping that now that the relationship is official they might be a little more open. I was able to stay with the family I lived with while I was there. I love their kids and it was fun to be all up in their space for a few days.

❤I think the biggest treasure was the affirmation that I made the right decision in moving. It was a sweet time to visit, but also a reminder that I was ready for the next step and that Detroit is really becoming home.

🏡On that note, I'm started looking for a home! My SIL gave me their realtors info and she's helping me get started. I'd really like to live close ish to them, so I'm willing to wait a little bit longer for the right place. So maybe, this summer, but maybe not.

Mom is visiting this weekend and both SIL and I are glad that we can share hosting/entertaining her cause sometime she's a lot.

Have a lovely weekend, friends!

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If we already are subscribed to the free, how do we get the four-part affirming series? I tried to "activate" the free sub but it says I've already subscribed.

Happy June! As an empty nester, I can honestly I do not miss the end of the school year shenanigans. At all! There is an amazing life on the other side of all that for those of you buried neck deep in it. And stop with the "only 11 summers...." thing. Guess what? The kids don't leave when they turn 18 and the relationship changes for the better and you will have a better time with your kids on a totally different and fun level when they become adults. Your job is done and now you can be the parent when needed AND friends with your kids. So cheers to all you parents who made it through another school year. Those years are hard! It's worth it!

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Happy summer, Swipes! I have been working like mad at my job and on my pretend farm this week, so I haven't really been on the internet, but I did laugh last night at the folks on my local reddit coming up with ideas to counterprotest the Proud Boys who are here protesting Pride. (These guys have been showing up here a lot lately. Well armed. So far no one has been harmed. But there were some scary moments outside of a drag story time filled with little kids. 😟 ) Anyway it was heartwarming to see folks brainstorm. Lets just say there was a lot of glitter involved. 🌈

Here are a few irl treasures from the week:

🌸Peonies. My husband ran to TJs to grab something and brought me home a bunch, or I'd have missed them. These were particularly fantastic, and it has been fun watching them open more and more each day. They are now white and as big as my head. The shape of these reminded me of this book from my childhood: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1423067.The_Wisest_Man_in_the_World

🥧 Lemon tartlets. We went to old friends house for dinner this week and I brought tiny lemon and strawberry tarts. Why don't I make those more often?

🌱 Surprise plants. In our new to us gardens we are always getting surprised by plants. The back part of our lot is just weeds for now (we plan to plant trees and veggies) and we found all kinds of fun stuff back there. Wild mustard, California poppies, and little Daisies that must have been planted onnpurpose at some point. This week we found a million golden blooms on the dusty miller (which I've only seen as a landscape plant with no flowers). Every day some new weird thing pops up. I think we may have some day lollies and more agapanthas. Anyway it has been fun to be surprised.

OK. Dogs need breakfast. The workday awaits. Have a lovely weekend, folks.

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My daughter and I went to see The Little Mermaid last Saturday. Visually stunning. Halle Berry is fantastic, Jonah Hauer-King has the best dimples. I loved the Caribbean island life.

I still wonder about the white prince adopted by a black queen set to be king over a racially diverse island. Still thinking about it. But the bonding scene in Prince Eric’s library and the way Ariel learns to communicate without a voice. Beautiful!

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I took my girls (5 and 3) for their first movie theater experience to see The Little Mermaid last weekend. They liked the movie, but loved the popcorn, candy, and reclining seats. I liked the movie! Truly, Halle was transcendent. Her voice is so beautiful. I also enjoyed Prince Eric, but I stay a Prince Eric stan.

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I’m so ready to be in the summer mindset. Weekend plans include a baseball game, a pedicure and some pool time.

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⚕️I am six months out from my last cancer treatment and still cancer free after battling two cancers! I’m definitely relating to the heating pad and nachos tweet, but I’m here and happy. June is also National Cancer Survivors Month. If you know one, send them a lil love.

✝️ In therapy friends, I carry more trauma from my time in FT ministry than battling life threatening rare cancer. This is a fun and fresh thing to process. 😐 This episode on the four stages of faith has been helpful in putting some definition around what I’ve been experiencing.

https://thebiblefornormalpeople.com/podcast/ Click in episode 16 with Brian McLaren.

(I am forever and always a Popcast Group Junkie, but maybe not always monogamous.) 😅

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Little Mermaid- we saw it last weekend and really liked! My 6 year old said “this Ariel’s hair was brown” (it was red but that’s fine) and she didn’t notice anything else. Her older sister is melanated. It matters so much to see all people represented. The mermaids were all different and my youngest said “they’re so beautiful.” I live in an extremely white, conservative area, but everyone clapped in the theater at the end. The littles all loved it. I was so glad we went. Also the sea creatures didn’t bother me.

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Hi, writing this feels like I’m fishing for support but honestly this community feels like maybe the place to do it? Today is my birthday. I’m 27.

I’ve been living in a new city for almost a year and a half. I’ve been doing pretty well, it feels more like home. Today I feel flustered and kind of lost. It’s really hard for me to celebrate myself and voice what I want to do for my birthday. So I tried to organize something, but it already feels like a flop. Partly due to unavoidable circumstances, partly due to friends not prioritizing it (and/or me not being as loud about it maybe).

Anyway. I’m going to get a massage and trying to have a good day. Things won’t always feel this hard, right? I appreciate the love and community that’s shared in this space. ❤️

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I’m finishing up an unplanned two week vacation from physical therapy, which was needed in a way I didn’t realize, so I am treating this weekend like the demarcation point between spring and summer. The summer days will still look the same with therapy days and not therapy days (aka recovery days), but I think I’ll start including specific foods and media to help mark the new season. And, of course, the friggin gates of hell will make the Texas heat a major player so that I don’t forget it’s summer. Jesus be an energy level regulator (and a power grid stabilizer)!

This week’s only real Treasure is the biggest one of all: I got the official approval letter that all of my November hospital bills are covered under charity assistance, all $245,00 of them! That, along with the Go Fund Me donations, means all of the financial stress from the stroke experience can now be put to bed. I am so grateful! Maybe I should have a closing ceremony à la The Lazy Genius to mark the occasion and summer’s beginning. 🥳

Here’s to all of us, pals!

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Happy Friday and Happy Pride friends!


~ Instant hit of serotonin https://www.instagram.com/p/CsXSNw2pbyG/

~It's almost time for Sandwich Summer, so send me your favorite sandwiches, I will try them all! This is our current fave (from last year) https://www.halfbakedharvest.com/vegetable-burrata-sandwich/

~ We are rewatching Avatar: The Last Airbender this summer and HIGHLY recommend it. If you're not sure, go watch season 3, episode 17 (Ember Island Players) and see if you like the vibe!

~ If you're a band nerd, you will laugh at this https://www.instagram.com/p/CsaLPFTNmG-/

~ "Load up the minivan!" https://www.instagram.com/p/Cs4otf5ghE2/

~ The Scripps National Spelling Bee was this week (we watch every year), and the finals were last night. I cry every year, it's the most pure thing https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cs-LnZdsQ93/

We're heading to the lake today since it's supposed to be near 90 in NY. Stay frosty friends, it's getting hottttttt out there. HUGS

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The Ted Lasso characters as their P&P counterparts 👌🏻 you deserve an award for the internet gold you find 🏆

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