Any Lil Swipes headed to Winston Salem for Emily Freeman’s book launch on 3/13?

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Hello, friends!

I could and could not resonate with the tweet about math because I am taking a pre-algebra course for my AA in English this semester. Haha! Four more courses to go and then I will transfer to Western Illinois University (online) where the plan is to study history and sociology. I have been taking courses off and on for about a decade and cannot wait to have my associate's degree behind me!

Treasures: -

Atomic Habits by James Clear (book). My fiance and I are reading this together and it is a delight. I generally steer clear of "self-help" books for a variety of reasons, among them being that I don't think that the authors include neurodivergent people like myself in the audience but Clear begins his book with a traumatic accident that he had as a child and my interest was immediately piqued.

-Am getting excited about updating my bathroom and feeling slightly anxious about shopping for shower curtains online. For context, the last time I did this, I came across a shower curtain with a gorilla taking up the entire curtain. There is a reason that I still remember this...

-Meteor Garden (Netflix). Based on the K-drama Boys Over Flowers, this remake has 49 episodes. It expands on the original show (2009) and there are some really good conversations to be had about it, especially about male friendships and greed.

That's it for this week! Even though it's my birthday month, I am glad that January is over and we have made it to the other side of winter (cue The Greatest Showman with Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman). Have the best week available to you, friends!

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Erin, this is a great one! When Sheryl Lee Ralph speaks - I mean she could recite a shopping list- it is like church. And I think I was the HNY kid. I felt the fleetingness of childhood acutely. I watched several of those playlist name songs, but it is hard to top, β€œCheryl's Got Great Boobs”. πŸ˜† (Cheryl, you also have intelligence, good ideas, opinions that matter, and a soul that is beloved.)

That reminds me, anyone reading the Beaty Beat series on the Evangelical Bro Code? Lord, have mercy.


Y'all - January was all my dreams come true. Other than work, I leaned in to wintering so hard. No resolutions. Just British period pieces and PBS shows, knitting/crochet, the soup project (I made 5 kinds - all delicious), the cookie project (I planned more, but those orange cardamom ones were so good I just kept making them). I read books and listened to books and played board games and took soaky baths ( https://bathbevy.com/

) and went to bed way early. It was amazing. My one adventure to San Francisco for Fancy Nerd Weekend (afternoon tea at the Fairmont, MTT's final performance with the San Francisco Symphony, tour of Grace Cathedral) had me floating in a cloud of music and art for the final week.

Resolutions are for Groundhogs Day/Candlemas/St Brigid's Day/Imbolc. Today I bake cream puffs for the neighbors and get going on stuff. Storms are rolling in, but it still feels lighter than the Long Dark January of the soul. I just cant sort my life out on January 1st. This is the 4th year I have done this and I'm never going back. I've even toyed with writing a book about surviving January.

Anyway - happy Groundhogs Day/Candlemas/St Brigid's Day/Imbolc to those who celebrate! Looking forward to catching up in the comments.

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The friend crush! YES. I saw my Derm this morning and thought (as always) - can we be friends outside of this office? Lol. Kids are off school (again) and we thankfully have a few plans (library, hair cuts, trampoline park, dinner with friends) and I am hoping to clock some quality reading time on the couch this afternoon. (Is anyone else reading CC3? I had mixed feelings about the series when I first read it but am SO glad I kept going. I am loving it so far!). Cheers to another Friday, friends!

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The meme about being a sweet and friendly girl made me laugh out loud. Someone finally understands me! 🀣

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Re: Sheryl Lee Ralph.

If you haven't read her book Diva 2.0, I HIGHLY recommend it. Listen on audio, its so fantastic! She is such an icon, diva, and positive powerhouse of a human.


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