I don't know how I've never seen that Maya Rudolph clip, but thank you. It is now well with my soul. Tooooo what end!

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1. I was dying laughing during the AUA this week when a commenter asked if you felt like Smee

2. I received a divine ladle to stir the pot on an issue at work this week, and it felt wonderful.

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In response to your Mason Ramsey Gif, I need everyone to know I’m from the town where he is from and where he yodeled in the Walmart. Carry on 😅

Also, if anyone wants to Bingo, I’m game.

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The sun was out last weekend and I did a bunch of meal prepping which has been so great for this week!

My SIL went to Wicked for Galentine's and it was fun to go with her since she's never seen the show and got to be surprised at some of the things.

Turd of the week/month/year is that the college by brother and SIL work for is closing after this school year. They found out Tuesday and administration really hasn't handled it well which has made it feel even worse. Neither one really knows what they want to pursue next, this job really just came about as a way to get out of a pretty bad job. Anyway, the whole things sucks and it's going to for a while.

No big weekend plans over here, just cooking and reading and being cozy. Have a great one friends!

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Erin - I hope you feel better soon. Sinus/Respiratory stuff is just so awful. And it lingers forever!

Even while sick you deliver the goods. I am rooting for Swelce even harder after that video. And those memes. my friend just asked me yesterday if I wanted to join her for bingo tonight. 😄 And I am that time management meme. 😔

I have not been on the internet much this week because after almost 2 years of working every day in an office that looks like a hoarders dungeon, we finally built shelves and organized it all and sometimes I just go in there and gaze at it in wonder. It looks like something from a magazine. 🤩🤩🤩

I love lent, and have enjoyed listening to various lent playlists. I've really gotten into Paul Zach who has an album of hymns for Lent:


And just an album of “sad church songs”:


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Hiiiii it’s been a hot minute but I am in the middle of finals for my baking and pastry course and work is crazy so I haven’t been in this space much.

BUT speaking of work if one of you has a recommendation for a work backpack that you love - if it were leather or a material easy to clean, had a pass-through sleeve for travel, and zipped completely from the bottom of one side to the bottom of the other, PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IT IS because I CANT FIND MY PERFECT BAG

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Feel better, Erin!

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💩 Starting the weekend off exhausted here. My oldest kiddo woke up in the middle of the night with a mysterious ear pain that still persists.

✨ We got an appointment with his ENT after the reception told me they were booked fully today.

✨ Looking forward to spending time with a good friend tomorrow morning and taking a earring class at the library. Refilling my cup slowly after a long week.

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Oh my goodness these memes are what's sustaining me. Thank you for your service, Erin.


- I had a mild stomach bug on V-Day.

- Our public library board has been hijacked by Moms For Liberty. At their board meeting last week they voted on a new policy that prevents the library from purchasing any books with "sexual content" for 17 and under sections of the library (mainly meaning no LGBTQ+ materials). They've hired an attorney that aligns with their views because they know this will spark some legal drama and plan to pay her $200 an hour. The library's budget is already allocated for the year and there is no extra money for attorneys, so the board took $2,000 from the library's advertising budget and set it aside for their impending legal woes. And now because the library has official policies that are discriminatory, they are at risk of losing funding from several of their largest donors. The whole situation makes me so sad and I don't know what to do.


- I participated in a leadership program through my work last year and we had a graduation ceremony last week in Atlanta! It was the first time meeting the other cohort members in person and it was such a good time, even for this super introvert. And I got to see my very best friend who lives across the country and have dinner with her while I was there.

- Our library (the same one from above) started a romance book club and we had our first meeting on Monday! We discussed People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry and next month we are reading Assistant to the Villain. There were only 5 of us and 3 were librarians. I want this to be successful and last a long time, so if y'all have any best practices for book clubs please feel free to share!

- My husband and I are having a 2000s date night tonight. We're ordering Papa Johns pizza, drinking soda, eating candy, watching Napoleon Dynamite, and staying up late to giggle and gossip. I'm so excited!

Alright, that's it! Can't wait to catch up in the comments!

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Erin! I hope you feel better soon! I too am battling the sinus/upper respiratory infection from hell. Ain’t no body got time for that!

Pretty sure it was the devil’s doing in making the first day of Lent on Valentine’s Day. Between me and both my mother and my MIL, we have treats and candy for daaaaaayyyyssss. I’m being gentle with myself and saying it’s ok. You’re sick and can eat this ice cream with a Reese’s peanut butter heart and these girrahdeli chocolate truffles.

Have a great weekend!

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Erin - I hope you get better soon!

I’ve just been riding that high of another Chiefs Super Bowl win and all things Taylor and Travis. ❤️💛

And then, so saddened by the shooting that took place at the parade. We had talked about going but ended up not, but knew quite a few people who were there. Just such a horrible ending to what should have been a fun, celebratory time.

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But really…what age do we start meeting for Bingo? I, too, am ready 😄


💩This week my birthday was on the same day as the Super Bowl. Living in Kansas, the Chiefs win was a nice surprise; but then the Valentines Day victory parade shooting brought so much sadness and anxious feelings. It’s been a roller coaster of a week.

💩 I turned 44 this week and had some hard realizations about my emotions and what matters to me but couldn’t communicate them and I’m like “I’m 44 effing years old; how do I not know these things about myself yet??” Trying to be gentle with myself, but it is hard.


🥖 Starting Kendall Vanderslice’s Bake with the Bible with my boys for Lent. Each lesson has a beautiful “ponder” section with questions about the scripture reading that has sparked such amazing conversations with my kids. Like, I didn’t know that was in your little head kind of conversations. Truly a balm for my mothering soul.

💕 Galentines Favorite Thjngs party. I got the best smelling candle, and a ton of new skin care recs, and it was so fun hanging out with the gals.

✝️ Lent in general. Guys, I know it sounds weird, but I love Lent most of all the liturgical calendar “-tides.” I grew up in both the Catholic and Methodist traditions, so Lent was a big deal. I love the purposeful time of reflection, practicing self-control, Holy Week, all of it. It makes Easter morning so much sweeter and miraculous.

Erin, I hope your sinus infection gets better! Everyone, have the best long weekend available to you. ❤️

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What is it like to believe you are so beautiful the only reason someone would be looking at you is because they desire you? I would be like "omg someone is staring at me I must have lettuce in my hair" 😂 Also raise your hand if you were personally victimized by the morning time management one 🙋🏼‍♀️ Anyway - just wanted to show my face because it's been a minute and everything is slightly off in my universe - not super awful but not great and I just wanted to ask for prayers for the good the bad and the ugly from a group of folks I know will give them. My birthday is next week so that would be a lovely gift knowing I am getting a crazy big prayer bump in the atmosphere 😘 thanks and I hope you all have a lovely weekend ❤️

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