I was on the other end of the Brio spectrum. I had a subscription from probably 2007 until the bitter end in 2009. I remember it ended mid-year, and I felt bad that the girl of the year didn't get her full 12 months.

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Erin H Moon! Did you casually announce that you are writing a book via Twitter survey?

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Obviously I watched the Lifehouse skit regularly on YouTube, but you guys. I saw it live exactly one time and then told my friends about how the guy who played Jesus was really tall and so when he put his jacket on the girl it was really big on her and she was completely covered and I don't think they planned it that way but it was just such a cool image, you know? God bless us, every one.

The American Hysteria podcast recently did a series on Chick tracts that was FASCINATING, big recommend.

As someone who is at best a lukewarm Swiftie, this hit home for me: https://www.instagram.com/reel/Crhb5G-NoqQ/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY%3D&fbclid=IwAR3jwrHCJXXS7gBrgvOG0n4wU64mnisXtk9d5dWYA7c5rI7AwuINR8uPjgc

I've accidently ended up becoming something of a vinyl collector (I feel weird about using the word "collector" since I do actually listen to it), and I almost never buy it new, but last weekend was Record Store Day and I went a little ham. I'm still waiting on my copy of the boygenius record to ship, but I have no regrets.

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I don't come to the comments a lot, but I just wanted to say this is literally one of my treasures every week! It is the highlight of my post gummy Friday night routine! Thanks for all you're sharing with us Erin and Lil Swipes!

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Part of me wondering if my parents were ACTUALLY Christian’s in middle school was that they bought us Seventeen magazine instead of Brio 😂 And if you were spared the visual trauma of what is know as the “Lifehouse Skit” let me save you that by cautioning against googeling

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Turns out I’m not Christian because absolutely no knowledge on the life house skit. But did meet literal angels on earth, in our community you volunteer as an organization at the casino and in return get Some profits (a whole math equation based on how much it makes in a quarter divided by volunteer groups) You get a chance to volunteer once every two to three years and if you can’t fill all your spots then you run the risk of losing the ability to go again. These fundraisers give schools/sports organizations 70 000 - 100000 for the two night. In come the casino angels who volunteer there time to make sure all organizations fill their spots. They are angels the shift I worked was from 7:30 pm to 3:00 am and must of the angels were on the shift that ended at 3:30am. An episode of the more you know did give me the boost I needed about midnight, so thanks for that.

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I was a reluctant Brio girl. My mom signed me up for it and I remember being annoyed and embarrassed because none of my friends knew what it was and I would’ve preferred Seventeen.

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OMG you said “Brio girl” and the memories came flooding back! I was definitely a Brio Girl. ‘Twas definitely church girl Seventeen Magazine. 😂 💜

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I have been off IG for several weeks now (a totally spontaneous decision. Also, it is the only social media I’m on or have ever been on, for context), with *very* brief forays back, as I’m on the look-out for sightings of my kiddo at an event she attended. That is a long way of saying that the stars seriously aligned for me to see Erin and Ben singing Miami🤩🤩🤩I cannot exaggerate how much joy that brought me.

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I feel grumpy today and probably shouldn't comment....lol

My 50th birthday is on Monday and there are zero plans. Zero. My family is a bunch of 💩s. I love them dearly but they drop the party ball. They did throw a party for my 40th, but I had to leave early to take my oldest daughter to the ER. (she was fine...) It doesn't help that my youngest daughter's birthday is just six days before. Poor planning on my part. But still...50 is a big deal.

I was raised in the UCC church so Brio wasn't a thing for me but I feel like my non-denom cousin had a subscription. She was always praying for my salvation, you know, because UCC girls were heathens. Oy. Post script...I'm just about finished with my Mdiv and I still love Jesus so I'm going to call that a win. 👍🏻

I've been invited to apply to write for a beautiful Bible app. Submission begins today. Do you think I've done even a smidge of research? No. No I have not. Why is getting started so hard?

I'm not going to see Taylor but my daughters are and it's been super fun to watch them plan outfits, etc. My youngest is a full on Swiftie. She has a list of all songs that are in contention for the "special songs" (I'm not sure that's the right thing) and after every show, she updates the songs that are no longer possibilities, color coded by location. That is commitment! I don't think I've ever been that big a fan of literally anything. 🤣

Okay, off to be cheered by your lovely comments. Thanks for indulging my little pity party. 🎉

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Hi lovely friends! It's been a minute since I've jumped in the comments. My life gets taken over by the summer reading program starting in April so I've been deep in program planning. It's impossible to even see my desk at this point! But I'm having a blast, honestly. Summer reading was always my favorite thing growing up so getting to do it as a job is just so fun.

My treasures for the week:

-A new EP from a favorite artist

-getting to sleep in!

-I've been writing more (I've actually started a novel and am writing more of my non-fiction memoir essays) and it's been so good for me and so fun.

-I just found out that there are several great classes on skillshare by authors like Roxanne Gay and Mary Karr and I did a one month free trial.

-I got to drop into my local indie yesterday and it was so fun. There's nothing like being recognized as a regular. I picked up a few books for my co-worker and grabbed a writing craft book and a few memoirs for myself.

-Emily Henry's new book is out!! I read Happy Place as an advance reader copy earlier this year but you can bet I was at the story first thing Tuesday morning to pick up a hard copy for myself.

-This little gem about my favorite Poe work:


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Fellow Brio girl here! My best friend brought a copy for me to read one day in high school, and I remember hiding it under my desk so I could absolutely devour it. I also lived for the parent-sanctioned fashion posts (though I wasn’t above buying Seventeen magazines when I was hanging out with my friends and hoping my mom wouldn’t see any pages that referenced sex). Thanks for the nostalgia trip!

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Woo hoo – it’s Friday! 😅🎉 It’s my hubby’s b-day so I’m looking forward to all the b-day shenanigans this weekend.

This week’s 💩: just confirmed my 10-year old daughter has a frenemy, and I’m so angry! There were a lot little “coincidences” but a super-late b-day invitation on top of everything was too hard to keep giving the benefit of the doubt. Ugh. I am so mad right now, and honestly it feels like a weird place because I’m a 50+ adult having feelings against a 10-year old that isn’t my kid. WTF.

Trying to figure out how to deal with it in a way that won’t hurt my daughter because she has no idea. Have any of you dealt with this? I want to protect her but I also don’t want her walking around clueless. Any advice from your experiences would be greatly appreciated!

Going to eat my feelings in donuts. Ugh. Why am I so mad? Stupid.

Anyway, hope you all have a beautiful weekend friends! 💛

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Hello everyone. This weekend I have the house to myself. So this week I made sure to catch up on everything so that this weekend I can never change out of my sweatpants, make pad thai, drink my favorite white that now costs $16 instead of $12 a bottle :( and watch Wild Isles on Prime (thanks for the green light, Jamie!).

For other northeast people, do you know about beech leaf disease? My knowledge of this started when I said, "Hm, that one branch looks weird," cut to later that day realizing that about 33% of the trees in the forest surrounding our house are going to die in the next 1 - 5 years, and me having the big meltdown I have been repressing since 2015. I think because nature has been the thing that has kept me hanging on through the unending chaos. :(

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I’ve been working a lot lately as a preschool substitute teacher and that’s been fun but I’ve missed being here! It’s good to see all you swipes!

I’m currently in bed with both strep AND Covid and it is not a treasure. I feel rough. (Does anybody else feel like they are bothering the doctor when they go? I get there and am like “I’m probably fine and just wasting your time,” and then she’s like “no, you’re very sick, this is not normal.”) I am bored but too foggy to read. If you have recommendations for audiobooks, TV, or movies that are entertaining but not mentally taxing, please send them my way!

Erin, your birthday looks wonderful! I feel behind because my 40th birthday is in a little over a month and I have no plans at all. I am not a big party person but I don’t want to let this one just pass by. I have to decide soon!

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Happy belated birthday, Erin! 🥳

It was a pretty good week over here. Yesterday was the 2 month anniversary of my momma's passing from cancer and I have been doing surprisingly ok. I'm extremely thankful for all the hard work my therapist and I have done over the last 5 years - man oh man was it needed. Been listening to Sandra McCracken and her song "Sweet Comfort" has been carrying me through the week.

A delightful treasure was getting a massage from my favorite massage therapist in our city and she is just THE BEST. She's basically a fairy forest nymph with pink hair and tattoos and the most kind and nurturing presence.

I also discovered that there's a new season of my favorite reality/dating show, Netflix's Indian Matchmaker, and I am SO EXCITED to indulge.

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