Thank you for that lovely article featuring The Babysitter's Club cover artist. That was a wonderful treat! I LOVED the Faith Sabbatical Bible Binge episode. Loved it. Resonated with it A LOT.

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My treasure is the milestone that my youngest can finally pump her legs to swing herself so I am freed from the tyranny of “push me!” (Mostly)

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Here to thank you for the tweets. I don’t miss Twitter overall, but I do miss the gems. That Kyrie tweet was the pitch perfect intersection of my current life.

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I’ve been listening to Kelly Corrigan’s “Tell Me More” this week which is hitting very close to home after the unexpected loss of my mother 6 weeks ago. The descriptions of friend tiers resonate a lot - a lot - when you see who does and doesn’t show up or function in a time of grief... including my prior self. I definitely recommend Kelly’s essay on her friend Liz. And how she describes giving details of how you’ve come close to the realness of body parts and functions to your friends helps them see whether you’ll be that kind of friend to them.

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Oh so much goodness here....

First, my daughters are horrified that you chose to miss The Archer. Apparently, they will be wearing Depends to the show next week or else frighteningly restricting liquids. I've given up questioning them.

Today I met with my mentor team and made my exit plan for my Mdiv. I need to complete a pastoral care class, wrap up an independent study on church polity (snore), and complete a contextual project and I am D~O~N~E~ September, here I come! After four years I am so ready to move on to the next season.

In terms of friends, it's a thing. I'm such a people pleaser that it made no sense to me when my girls both decided to stand their ground and not cater to the masses. It means that they don't have a ton of friends but they each have a ride or die and really, what more do you need?

Prom is tomorrow and I'm all 'Sunrise, Sunset" over here. Less than 18 months and we are empty nesters. Mostly that's exciting, but also, what in the world will we talk about??

Ended up celebrating my 50th birthday quietly with my husband in NYC. We schlepped around a bit, took a sightseeing cruise around the island of Manhattan and then had a lovely dinner. Oh and also spent six hours in the car. lol I had zero expectations given the chaos of our family schedule currently so this was a gift. <3

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Hello! Late to comment cuz I’m on the West Coast, and today I have a sick kid home with me. Does anyone read the comments after noon hits on a Friday?

Treasures for the week:

👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏼 Good and wise info on how to deal with frenemies - thanks so much Erin! My tween daughter is going through this, and UGH... it makes so frustrated! Frustrated with mean girls. Frustrated that my daughter is still eager to be friends with these mean girls. Frustrated that my daughter can’t/won’t use her voice. Frustrated with myself that I can’t keep my cool at times. (I am a chronic eye-roller and exaggerates sigher. 🙄) The tier-system is a godsend! I will work on doing eye rolls and sighing inside my heart.

🙏🏼 The Faith Sabbaticals episode on the Bible Binge was excellent! I really appreciate the honesty and vulnerability, and I didn’t feel so alone and lost after listening to the whole episode. It definitely got me all up in my feelings, and I’m still recovering from some good cries... but it also helped me continue to process and gave me some good direction.

👩🏻🌷 Starting to plan for my fake Mother’s Day, and having possibilities is just so freeing and luxurious! Spa treatment? Having time alone in a quiet place to read? Sleeping in? A fancy meal out that can be eaten at the desired temperature and is all mine? What should I pick?!

❓And now a question for all you Swifties (which I can see is many of you)... My 10-year old daughter is starting to get into Taylor Swift’s music, but I am a Gen X mom stuck in the 80s / early 90s. I would listen to all the songs and read all the lyrics, but alas, I don’t have the time right now. ❓What songs would you start a tween girl on? Are there any particular albums that she can listen to in its entirety without me having to explain things I may not be ready to explain yet? Also, what is new and all the tween girls like? I don’t know how to find new music anymore! Back in my day, we listened to the radio and watched MTV! 👵🏼

Hope you all have an amazing weekend! 💛

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May 5·edited May 5

It's been a minute since I found myself in the lil treasures comments, so hello again swipes! I missed you! I cried at both the Adam Scott and David Oyelowo videos, they were just so heartwarming.

A few treasures:

-A few people have mentioned this already but Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is out this weekend! My boyfriend and I will be seeing it tomorrow and I've been looking forward to it for weeks.

-I found the perfect body moisturizer for summer and am over the moon about it. If you're looking for something light but abundantly hydrating for everyday use, don't sleep on the Neutrogena Hydro Boost body gel cream.

-This week I tried a tahini glazed roasted sweet potato recipe from The Mediterranean Dish cookbook and it was 10/10. I used it as a side dish with some veggie paninis and it reinvigorated my cooking energy.

-Getting some plants started this weekend, which makes me excited for my little balcony garden. I picked up a mint plant at the farmer's market last weekend and this weekend I'll start seeds for bell peppers and cucumbers! I'll probably pick up a few more herbs at the farmers market in the next few weeks too.

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My favourite treasure of the week is a tweet I saw and didn’t screenshot and can’t reference, but it said that a common response to “how’s it going” type questions in Norway is “up and not crying”, which brings me an inordinate amount of delight.

(I have also really grown to dislike “how are you questions”. They’re loaded. Do you really want to know how I am well but also in a state of perpetual existential anxiety seasoned with brief glimpses of hope and care, but sometimes a crash-from-the-world nap?)

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Happy Friday! I'm a little late to the comments but I've been having some lovely chats with my coworker.

🛒I've been doing some serious weeding in the 900s section and while it was intimidating at first, it's very satisfying to see how much neater the collection looks after a good purge. Once we finally start our new fiscal year in July and I can start buying more books.

I think this has been the week where I've really felt settled at home. It's been a month or so of finding routines and learning how to live with C&A while still having my space and it feels like we're really getting there!

🧵I'm loosely doing the MeMadeMay IG "challenge" and sharing photos of the handmade clothes that I wear. It kinda just feels like one more thing right now, but I do enjoy participating... we'll see how it goes.

☀The sun is shining today and tomorrow, so we're getting outside for walks and picnics! I'm so ready for warm spring weather and Detroit is not.

📚I'm almost done with Finding Me by Viola Davis, it's very heavy at the beginning but it's excellent. I finished The Villa by Rachel Hawkins and was underwhelmed, it was much more historical fiction than suspense and the ending felt like a copout. I just got the newest in the Lady Sherlock series, and I'm excited to dive into that this weekend!

🎧 That Bible Binge episode was so good and so timely for me. I've been struggling with how to find a new church here and where I even am with church/denominations/etc. It was so reassuring to know that I'm not alone and that it's ok to take the time and figure it out even if that means not going for a while. ❤❤

Have the best weekend, friends!

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Happy Friday and good luck to everyone dealing with frenemies, it's so hard. On a sidenote, not sure if this is the best place to ask, but I noticed Erin, that you had a sleepmask for your pre-Eras nap. We're vacationing at a house with no shades (don't ask) so I need to buy everyone in our family sleepmasks. Does anyone have any recommendations?! Thanks!

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Wow, I didn’t know your father was a faithful listener!! Frenemies are real, tell your daughter to look for the quiet girl in the corner! She will probably become her best friend!! (Mother of 3 girls)

Having a thanksgiving birthday, I learned after some depressing lonely birthdays (I have a handful of post party friends), I decided if I wanted to be surrounded by my friends on my birthday I would have to plan it.😳 Best decision.

I even planned, (during Covid 2020), to go to a restaurant and eat outside IN Nov! I was a little nervous about it until the night before: news broke about Gavin Newsom, eating out in Napa at the French Laundry. So I told all my girlfriends, “Come and party down with me, like the governor!” 😄

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I have no treasure this morning. I'm de-lurking to say MY WORD!! the purity and loveliness of those Adam and David videos... such genuine feeling from both.. made me tear up too!

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I am turning 40 in 18 months (yes I'm counting), and I never ask for anything big on my birthdays (hello all other enneagram 9's who don't want to feel like they're a burden on anyone). But I have already started prepping my people that I want to be at an all-inclusive with them sipping margs on a Mexican beach on my 40th. None of my core group are really travelers, but it's something I love and want them to enjoy with me. And I feel like they'll LOVE it. So if anyone has advice on how to herd cats for birthday celebrations or friend group travel, I'll happily take it!

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I know Erin already said it (I think haha) but Beth Moore’s memoir All My Knotted Up Life, especially the audiobook, is great!

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This was such a wisely hilarious and timely friendship description. My 9 year old has had a *rough* year going from "We're all besties" to "We're picking people" and forever feeling like no one is picking her and she is too much. We're going to read the edited version of this together.

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Morning, friends, and yes, y'all are my friends!

Still no luck house hunting, but I'm hoping that will change soon! Military folks are starting to move and more houses are coming up in our area, so fingers crossed and sending many prayers upstairs!

I've been chosen to give a short talk on a call with people from all across the country at work today, so please send good vibes that I will speak eloquently and concisely and represent myself and my region well :)

We were supposed to go see Blues Traveler tonight, but the band got COVID and had to cancel :( :( :(

I'm currently reading Educated and it is SO GOOD!!! I can't put it down! It's a memoir by Tara Westover, who grew up in a survivalist family and never went to school until she went to college and it is WILD! Highly recommend!

Okay, that's it! Can't wait to catch up in the comments <3

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