I love that Trash 90s Summer vibe. Yes it can sometimes be difficult to not have a lot of structure but man I love “lazy” days and not having to rush around anywhere.

My daughter graduated high school last week and we had a great celebration with family and friends. She decided she is going to college and going to our alma mater, Mizzou! Pumped about that, probably more than she is at the moment but praying she gets more excited and just has a great experience. Have a great weekend!

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In the middle of a glorious, sunny Memorial Day weekend here in St. Paul, and I'm feeling very grateful to see my pollinator garden start coming up. I spent last summer digging up non-pollinator plants and trading for new ones, and then tried winter sowing over our LONG winter, and now things are finally starting to come together. My garden nerd self is fully engaged and delighted.

After going through several dark months with depression, the sun and new life is helping my heart heal. I'm thankful for online connections on IG, and through my FB groups like Buy Nothing and Perennial Exchange, where I've traded and gifted/been gifted so many fun treats over the past year.

Hang in there friends! Just when you think it's darkest, sometimes you can find a little twinkle of joy that brings you through to the next day. Hugs to all!

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SCHOOL’S OUT!! At least it is for us. I may or may not have driven up to carline with my windows down and Alice Cooper’s School’s Out blasting.

And now is the time where I play cruise director for my kids. 🙄 I am all for a 90’s Trash Summer!

Today is our wedding anniversary and our marriage can now drive. It’s also our basset hound, Betty’s birthday. She’s 3. Our poor 15 year old GSP has 2 paws on the Rainbow Bridge and I don’t know how much longer we have. Poor girl.

Anywho, we are glad for the long weekend and nothing on the agenda. We may go to the farmer’s market, smoke some meats, and relax!

Godspeed if your kids are still in school and know we are rooting for y’all!

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I’m not a teacher but my job is school-related so I’m wrapping up for summer too. An absolute treasure was my youngest daughter’s graduation from college (🥹) followed quickly by the insanity of repacking all of her stuff for a move to grad school next week! The reward will be a lovely vacation 😎 so just gotta power thru! Solidarity to all the parents hanging by a thread... 👊🏻

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Living for the 90s Summer plans <3

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Man, the tweets this week are next level. Needed this, thank you!!

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Trash Summer is the best summer! I grew up in the 70s. You dont even know. Glorious!

As for May, I feel like I need to just sit my mom/dad friends down in a quiet patio and slide various snacks and drinks under their hands. Hang in there, parents.


📚 Went on a date to the library and got 4 books to begin my traditional summer reading of memoirs and food books. Afterwards we went to "Middle East Cafe and Bakery" and had the worst vending machine coffee and the most delicious (and pretty) cake.

🌱 Finally got the veggie garden planted. And now begins the morning and evening inspections and due to the bonkers numbers of tomato plants the swapping of backyard produce with neighbors.

🏖Just booked our first summer trip since 2019. A week at the ocean in a little place called "Sunset Cottage". I could cry.

Wishing you all the best weekend available to you.

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All you folks struggling with May take a look at this treasure if you haven’t seen it. Then go down the black hole of skip challenge and you’d serotonin will SKYROCKET


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Friends, I got to meet my week-old nephew yesterday and my heart is so full! He's such a tiny sleepy baby! His older brother is two and a half, and he is a delight to be around. He's just started talking, and it's just so exciting. Being an aunt is my favorite thing!

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Yaaass... Trash 90s Summer – I am here for it! I am one tired mama, and I need this. At least until summer school starts. 8 more school days! 😅

🙏🏼Treasure for this week: a New Friend invited me to an online conference last night, and it felt so good to worship with people who “get it.” I haven’t been to a conference with such a diversity. Usually it’s just white dudes talking. The speakers actually spoke about racism and about God’s love! It made me realize the church I just left never spoke at length about love... it was only in passing in a message. I was kinda shocked in my realization. One of the speakers also said that being united isn’t as important as being a witness for Christ. I’ve been slowly processing that. Anyway, it was so good to have that time last night and to have things to think about and reflect!

💛 Also happy to have a New Friend that so far seems to be more progressive in her faith like me. I’ve lost a lot of relationships since I left that church and have felt so hurt and lonely, so this is an amazing treasure!

Have a fun three-day weekend everyone! 😎✌🏼

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Happy Friday beloved friends! The millipede tweet may be my newest coping mechanism lol I am a back on my ADHD meds after too many days trying to shoehorn a corporate personality into my unmedicated body and it is GOOD TO BE BACK. We love a regulated toddler mom!

I recently finished reading Becoming Mrs. Lewis by Patti Henry. It's based on the journals of C.S. Lewis's wife and it was easily the most heartbreaking, captivating, and uplifting book I've ever read. I wept when it was over because I knew I would never get to read it for the first time again. 10/10 recommend if you are looking for a summer read to remind you of God's goodness, crack you up, and break your soul in half all at once.

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May 26·edited May 26

Man the tweets in this one were truly a treasure! The millipede one really got me.

I especially thought the screen time advice was interesting, a few months ago I implemented a personal rule of no phone (except for texting and work stuff) before noon and it has been super helpful for me. Usually by noon I'm busy in work mode, so I don't even end up really thinking about social media until I take a break for lunch or until midafternoon, which has been great for me! I was never terribly phone/social media obsessed, but the structure of no-phone-before-noon makes me a much better employee when I don't want to do something and could have used social media as a distraction.

As a non-parent, I've been really enjoying this month (free time flex). Sitting on my back patio reading after work every day, cooking seasonal foods, waking up when the sun does to work out, etc. The weather has been so nice in Northern Virginia and I'm soaking it up before the heat gets stifling. On Sunday I'm leaving to go to visit family for the week and will get the tiniest pinch of a taste of what so many of you experience in May by going to my niece's Kindergarten graduation, but for me it's just the fun parts; cool Auntie life is everything. I would have preferred to avoid the busy Memorial Day weekend travel, but my boyfriend has to leave for a very long work trip on Saturday, so I figured I might as well spend that time with family if I can't spend it with him!

Erin, you were right that your persecution/accountability point should have been #1 in the Other Ten Commandments. I don't know what Knox and Jamie were thinking!!

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Glory Hallalujah Jubilee. It’s 8:30am and I just woke up because my kids are skipping their last day of school! Last May was brutal with one of my girls struggling mightily with an eating disorder and spending time away getting healthy (she calls it rehab😜). So this May my body definitely kept the score and I started the month really sad and wonky. Insert plug for counseling - it was a safe place for me to finally process what we went through last year. Sooooo, this May I have tried to take things one day at a time and enjoy all the things. On top of the regular May-ness, my twins’ birthday is May 18, which was terrible planning by my uterus. But this year, their Sweet 16, was just so dear. And all the parties and graduations and baby showers, theater productions, chorus concerts, swim meets, etc we’re definitely irrational. I’m just feeling very thankful to be able to experience it as a family this year.

That was a lot. My treasures are going on vacay next week, not taking our dogs, and having my older daughter home because I love her and because she can help me drive my other kids all over creation this summer. We made it ladies!

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A request for the community--I am listening to All My Knotted Up Life and am already dread-anticipating it being over. I need other good memoirs of women of faith that aren’t like Elisabeth Eliot or something. Recs?

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Happy Friday friends!

We've got our homeschool co-op picnic today, and everyone signing up is bringing stuff like fruit platters and hummus. Your girl is bringing bags of chips and mini cupcakes because I like occasionally to be an Agent of Chaos.


~ My husband gleefully messaged me last night and said "Did you know there are extra ACOTAR chapters?!" like a proper fan and it was dreamy and hilarious.

~ I say it every year, but Janssen really has the best ideas when it comes to reading. Here's her Summer Reading Chart (highly recommend getting it printed as large as possible) https://everyday-reading.com/reading-chart-for-kids/

~ In the same vein, her Summer Reading Guide is so beautifully done (the downloadable version has oodles of extras) What are y'all reading this summer? https://everyday-reading.com/the-2023-summer-reading-guide/

~ In an effort to Decide Once, these are officially my Summer Earrings. They are comfy and simple, but make me feel a tiny bit fancy too. Tiny croissants in my ears, yes please https://shopheyjune.com/collections/huggies/products/croissant-huggies

~ Summer movies for the whole family - recommendations?! Think How To Train Your Dragon or Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone or Big Hero 6 - those are current faves right now

Ok friends, this weekend I'm making my first batch of Shannan Martin's quick pickles (quickles, as we call them), the radishes in our garden have just sprouted, and it's World Redhead Day, so celebrate your carrot topped friends and have lovely weekends! HUGS

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Thanks for sharing the Pete Enns class! Just signed up!

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